There are numerous companies distributing Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers on the market today and you must be very careful in making your purchase, as there are some distributors attempting to sell non-FDA compliant chambers.  Other distributors will simply give you the same old used car sales pitch that we have all grown tired of. This is the bottom line, we offer chambers at the lowest price that our manufacturers will allow and continue to seek avenues to make these chambers available to you in an affordable way.  

The number one and most important differentiator from our competitors is that we are a United States Disabled Veteran owned company.  Therefore every purchase made here and not from a competitor is going towards helping United States Veterans across this Great Land, as we continue to fight for HBOT being made available to all Veterans. We will fight non-stop until our vision is full-filled and every single purchase helps to better position Hyperbaric Care USA to do just that.